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Telekom Electronic Beats introduced in Albania

Telekom Electronic Beats comes to Albania, bringing the latest trends from the 'urban lifestyle' and the best music to Albanian youth.

Telekom Electronic Beats is a project that discovers and develops new trends in the world of urban culture over the Internet, social networks, radio, television and most attended festivals in the country. Electronic Beats is an international platform of Telekom that connects youth, music, fashion, technology and digital life style.

Telekom Electronic Beats brings an innovative media portfolio. The website www.electronicbeats.com.al will inform Albanian audience with news and articles about music, technology and fashion, as well as video and audio content with exclusive interviews, exclusively compiled DJ mixes, live stream and video from concerts from around the world.

Electronic Beats Radio show will be on air at 88.0 FM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00. And of course, all fans of EB will have the opportunity to contact them by following: www.facebook.com/electronicbeats.al and www.instagram.com/electronicbeats.al.

However, music events but not only, is the heart of Electronic Beats. Electronic Beats produces its series of live festivals and events throughout Europe creating unforgettable music experiences. The opening of "Electronic Beats Albania" platform took place initially at the most innovative store in the country @Telekom Community Store with JANEX band and DJ Abel.

Telekom Electronic Beats will travel south to Saranda and Llaman beaches concluding its tour with surprise festivals. Mango club in Saranda will host the "Night Party", on July 30th at the beat of Portuguese DJ MASSIVDRUM, whereas the "Day Party" will be held on August 13th and hosted by HOLA Club at Llamani`s beach at beats of the German DJ, Eddie Thoneick.

Telekom Electronic Beats will be active by bringing innovations of urban living in Albania and is the innovative platform for products and services of Telekom Albania.

Electronic Beats Albania can be found online by following: