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Telekom Albania's Shareholders General Assembly Meeting on June 29th, 2018

Dear shareholders,

As you have been informed, on June 29th, 2018, at the premises of Telekom Albania at 10:30 am, the meeting of the General Assembly of Telekom Albania will be held.

The Agenda of this meeting will be the following:

  1. Presentation and approval of the annual accounts of Telekom Albania for year 2017 and the discussion regarding annual profit distribution, presentation of business performance report during year 2017 prepared from the Chief Executive Officer of the company, presentation of the External Auditor’s report for year 2017 as well as respective decisions to be taken;
  2. Approval of the Certified Accounting Experts for the external audit of the company for year 2018;
  3. Discharging of Board of Directors and Council of Supervisors for the administration of the company related to the financial year 2017;
  4. To amend the following Articles of the Articles of Association and more specifically:
  • Article 2 of the Articles of Associations, which refers to new services to be added, provided in the context of B2B/ICT solutions.
  • Point 1, Article 4 of the Articles of Association, which consists in the approval of the new address (street) of the present Legal Seat/Premises of the Company, due to the official changes in the Address Register of Tirana City;
  • Article 7 of the Articles of Association (The transfer of shares by Contract), second paragraph, which consists in the abolishing of the right of first refusal in favor of the other shareholders for the transfer inter vivos of shares of the Company;
  1. Miscellaneous.


Kindly be informed that in order to participate at this General Assembly meeting, you shall have:

Your ID Card or a valid Personal Passport for the shareholders which will be presented personally and/or a Power of Attorney for the shareholders that will be represented by a third party or another shareholder/s.


Thank you,

Telekom Albania Sh.A