Njoftime per shtyp


Telekom Albania to improve service quality through the 800 MHz frequency band

The license to use the 800 Mhz frequency band was awarded to Telekom Albania today. The Chairman of AKEP, Mr. Ilir Zela, handed over the authorization for the usage rights to Mr. Emil Georgakiev, the CEO of Telekom Albania.

This license award is another step forward in the journey for further network upgrades and capacity expansion. In this way, our customers will have the possibility to experience better network reception, higher data speeds, 4G and 4G+ internet coverage even in the most remote areas, and seamless navigation inside premises. Our subscribers will very soon have a first-hand experience of all these improvements.

In addition, the 800 Mhz frequency band is the last of the 4G generation which paves the way towards the 5G communication network, which among other things, will be a strong foundation for the IoT development.

Considering the investments of the mobile network operators as crucial for the development of the Albanian economy as a whole, Mr. Zela expressed his commitment for a continuous support in the further growth of mobile telecommunications through the existing 4G and the future 5G technologies, so that better service quality is delivered to the customers.

Whereas the Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Albania, Mr. Georgakiev, said that this is a step forward in our goal to provide better products and services to our subscribers. Such investments are made in order for our network to measure up with the great technological developments ahead.

At the meeting, it was also discussed about the current situation of the telecommunications market in our country, its perspective and further development of the mobile telephony infrastructure.