Njoftime per shtyp


Telekom Albania offers 1GB for each GOAL of Bayern Munchen

All the soccer fans out there and especially those of FC Bayern München will once again have the chance to win a BONUS of 1GB every time the team of their heart scores. Our advertising campaign of this bonus kicks off today, whereas the first match of Bayern München will be played on February 20th.

All the fans can get the bonus very easily, just by following the rules below:

  • Have a bundle of 1 000 Lek or more already activated;
  • Send an SMS with text “FCB” to 142 to sign up for the bonus;
  • Send an SMS with text “GOL” to 142 anytime Bayern scores during a match.

After the “GOL” text is sent, the bonus is available for usage by the end of next day and valid for 1 week only in the 4G/4G+ network. Priority in consumption will be given to this bonus over other data available in the subscriber’s bundle.

As we are looking forward to see FC Bayern München in the Champions League finals of May 26th, we hope you will share with your friends the thrills of the match, but also the good news about the 1GB bonus!

Bayern Munchen club is one of the three most favourite teams in Europe, while in Albania they have the largest organized fan-base. Deutsche Telekom Group, where Telekom Albania is part of, is official sponsor of the bavarian team, so the company will continoue to be close to its clients with more surpises to come, so everyone can feel part of the network that connects us with Europe.