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Telekom Albania cuts roaming charges with Kosovo

All the Telekom subscribers can now talk and surf more freely than ever when visiting Kosovo, and that’s thanks to the roaming charges discount. As of June 15th, the roaming charges for both prepaid and postpaid accounts have been reduced up to 10 times, and the change is substantial. The data charges are the most convenient of all as the Telekom subscribers of Smart tariff bundles can use their data service for only 1.5 Lek/MB while being in Kosovo.

The cut in roaming charges comes as a result of the bilateral negotiations with Kosovo, and will pave the road to a discount with all the other countries of Western Balkans. The final goal is the abolition of roaming charges with Kosovo and the other countries of Western Balkans, as requested by the European Union to bring these countries closer and facilitate communication among their citizens.

More information about the roaming charges applied by Telekom Albania is available at www.telekom.com.al/roaming-kosova.