Njoftime per shtyp


Telekom Albania brings help the Albanian citizens in Athens


In solidarity with the tragedy that citizens of Athens faced yesterday and today, Telekom Albania supports the Albanian community in Greece and their relatives facilitating the communication between them.

During the next hours, until July 25th, 18:00 o’clock, the subscribers of Telekom Albania will send SMS for free towards the Greek numbers.

The staff of experts at Telekom Albania is working hard to ensure the communication between the affected Albanian people and their relatives.

The Executive Director of Telekom Albania, Mr. Dimitris Blatsios, expresses his sincere condolences for the affected families of the catastrophe caused by the fires in Athens. “Meanwhile, we are in solidarity with all the rescue teams who are making extraordinary efforts to normalize the situation. WE feel obliged to empathize with our subscribers and their relatives and friends living in Athens, during these difficult hours. That is why we decided to enable free communication during these critic hours.”

Telekom Albania, as a socially responsible company, has always engaged its human resources, financial resources and technology in order to minimize the consequences caused from natural disasters.