Who We Are  


Who We Are

Company Values

The system of values that we want to promote in Telekom Albania is defined by the Guiding Principles of the Company. The Principles provide guidelines that we need to follow in our daily work, that promote ethical behavior, mutual respect, team work, accomplishment of the best results possible in a more simple manner, open expression of opinions, assumption of responsibility and creation of an environment that encourages, recognizes and appreciates exceptional results. By promoting the common standards of behavior equally towards our customers and our coworkers, we create a working atmosphere that is a pleasure to work in and contribute to the overall business success of the Company. We are all responsible for the promotion of the values and the values are alive to the extent we, Company employees, are living them. We accept the Principles, not as a set of rules that we must obey, but as values that motivate, inspire and fill us with a positive energy. They drive us to achieve the top results, each person in his work, in our teams and all together, as a company. These Guiding Principles are not only meant for internal use, but also for dealing with the external environment as well. They help emphasize the company's social commitment. Our Guiding Principles are:

Customer delight and simplicity drive our actions.

Customer satisfaction drives our actions: We are aware of the responsibility that we have towards our customers. They give us their trust, and we neither want nor are we allowed breaching that trust. But, on the other hand, we want not only satisfying our customers, but delighting them. The customers’ thoughts, feelings, needs and experience drive our work at Telekom Albania.

Respect and integrity guide our behaviour.

We at Telekom Albania strive to create a climate of acceptance and mutual trust by respecting the individuality of others, acting openly and honestly, and calling for and cultivating individual and cultural diversity. This principle goes beyond respecting one another as colleagues in everyday business. It is also about truly respecting customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders.

Team together team apart.

This principle focuses on our Group’s culture of working together. We listen to the others, discuss issues openly and professionally and seek the opinion of the others. But once a decision has been made, the decision is upheld by the entire team.

Best Place to perform and grow:

Good employees are the number one factor for achieving success. To become the most highly regarded company in the industry and beyond, Telekom Albania relies on the commitment and success of each one of its employees. This principle combines the devotion and commitment of both its management and employees in order to Telekom Albania to be the best place to perform and grow in career.

I’m T – Count on me:

“We deliver what we promise!” That is the only way to win our customers’ trust and survive in the competitive market. That also means that every colleague is personally committed to finding a solution to a customer’s problem. We can rely on each other, just as our shareholders and customers are able to rely on the company.