Connect the unconnected

Connect the unconnected

As a mobile telecommunication company, our responsibility extends beyond simply offering communication solutions. We follow the Corporate Social Responsibility model towards a sustainable developmend and giving our contribution to the community where we operate.
Telekom Albania recognizes the benefits that modern information and communications technologies bring to people with a disability and people in need, and incorporates actions for its customers and the broader society.

Donation service through short codes

In order to support institutions and not-for-profit organizations, Telekom Albania supports a 4 digits short code exclusively activated for charity purposes and enables it subscribers to contribute to social causes. The end user sends a SMS with a text and is charged for their donation from their own account. At the end of the period the money, is transferred to the beneficiary institution. In 2011, this telephone line was activated only one time.

Emergency calls for the public

Mobile telephony is also a practical and very helpful tool in case of emergency. Telekom Albania offers free of charge calls to all its subscribers in emergencies. These numbers are: 127, 128, 129.

Free calls for the Albanian Institute of Visually Impaired Pupils

Telekom Albania has supplied “Fix” lines to the Institute of Visually Impaired Pupils, so the latter can speak for free with all friends and family members, who have a Telekom Albania number. There are four “Fix” numbers and telephones installed within the “Media Tech Corner” and c.a. 90 pupils and teacher use them frequently.

Free SMS for Albanian Institute of Hearing Impaired Pupils

Telekom Albania has supplied What’up sim cards to all children and staff of Albanian Institute of Hearing Impaired Pupils, with free SMS so they can contact for free with all friends and family members. Currently there are 124 pupils studying in this institution. SMS Platform for free for SOS Children Villages in Tirana. Telekom Albania has supplied a platform for SOS Children Villages to send SMS over the internet. This service is free.

Special Tariffs for Blind People

The company has signed a special agreement with the Albanian Association of Blind People. Through this agreement all members of the association receive 66% monthly fee reduction in their Telekom Albania phone bills. Currently there are ca. 1,000 people benefiting from this agreement.